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“CBDC is a safer alternative to cryptocurrencies”, Says Tanzanian Government

Tanzania is on its way to launch their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in response to the rising popularity and adopting cryptocurrencies. The Governor of

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Central Banks of Chile Focus on, “How to issue their digital currency”

The Central Bank of Chile is in the process on how to issue its own Central Bank digital currency. The report issued by the BCCH

Cryptocurrencies News

UK Government creates plans to support Crypto Adoption

UK government has included crypto adoption in their commitments for the next parliamentary year which was mentioned in the queen’s speech delivered on May 10


How is NFT different from Cryptocurrencies?

If NFTs and cryptocurrencies are constructed at the blockchain, then what makes them distinctive from one another? Non-fungible tokens are specific virtual belongings addressing certifiable


Top 4 Cryptocurrencies to watch in the month of May

The cryptocurrency area within the month of April was a rollercoaster of events. The month all over up being a pessimistic month for the cryptocurrency