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What number of STEPN (GMT) Coins Are There in Circulation?
STEPN follows a double symbolic model with a utility token called GST and an administration token called GMT. GST has a limitless stock and is the application’s money that is procured for development. It has a few consume components to disincentivize expansion, for example, printing or fixing shoes, stepping up shoes, and redesigning jewels.

GMT is acquired after clients have stepped up their shoes to even out 30. GMT has a complete stockpile of 6 billion and is dispersed as follows:

Move and Earn: 30%
Biological system and depository: 30%
Confidential deal: 16.3%
Platform deal: 7%
Group :14.2%
Guides: 2.5%
The all out arrival of GMT is divided at regular intervals, and group and confidential deal tokens are likely to vesting, which doesn’t begin before 2023.

How Is the STEPN Network Secured?
STEPN is based on Solana, a layer-one blockchain with a proof-of-history agreement joined with a proof-of-stake agreement instrument with incomplete Byzantine adaptation to non-critical failure. It has 200 hubs working overall that can, at their pinnacle, process up to 50,000 exchanges each second. Solana plays out a bunch of facilitated improvements to accomplish such great execution and cycles exchanges in a multi-strung way, which separates it from more slow blockchains.

Where Can You Buy STEPN (GMT)?
STEPN is accessible on Binance, OKX, Bybit, CoinTiger, FTX and the sky is the limit from there.



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