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ClapArt, a platform that helps in fans to get a chance where you can become a partner with stars and win money together. ClapArt has tried to make an environment where fans, artists, investors and creators can invest in different projects of megastars or can help the future rising starts.

They have created a platform to configure new rules and structures of Media and Entertainment industry with the help of their new blockchain protocol named Royal Share Token(RST). They have an ongoing Airdrop on Airdropbob where you can get a chance to win their tokens of worth 100USDT. Mentioned below are the steps that you have to follow to participate in their airdrop:

  1. You have to visit their airdrop page, i.e,  CLAPART’s Airdrop Page
  2. Then you have to register yourself in order to become a part off the Airdrop
  3. After registering yourself you have to follow their social media pages such as, their twitter page, discord channel and also you have to join their telegram group
  4. To complete the process you have to submit all the information that is needed on their Airdrop page.

Mentioned below are the link of their social media handles that you need to become a part of their Airdrop




5Winners$501Rewards500 USDTAllocated TokenEthereumBlockchain



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