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STEPN tries to upset the wellness business in more ways than one.

It, right off the bat, boosts clients to carry on with a better way of life through a direct symbolic prize system. In the wake of downloading the application and making a wallet, clients can purchase a couple of NFT tennis shoes to begin procuring in the game’s Solo Mode. By running or strolling around, they can procure Green Satoshi Tokens (GST). Various kinds of tennis shoes return GST at various rates — the higher a tennis shoe’s proficiency quality, the more GST each moment the client can procure.

This presents the second progressive component of STEPN: the gamification of wellness. Because of the application’s in-game prizes, everyday energy stipends, and modified tennis shoes, STEPN gamifies development and pushes clients towards a better way of life. Later on, the application intends to add a Marathon Mode, which will have week after week and month to month races somewhere in the range of 2.5km and 15km. Long distance race members will actually want to procure and look at their accomplishments on a competitor list, with additional prizes for the highest level sprinters.

At last, STEPN permits clients to flag in two ways: through carrying on with a better way of life and procuring tokens for itself and through emphatically adding to carbon lack of bias. The previous gives clients a profound and monetary award. The last option is accomplished through STEPN’s commitments to purchasing Carbon Removal Credits on Solana to battle environmental change.



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